DDS-CAD Plumbing

Software solution for Sanitary & Heating

35+ years
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Software solution for Sanitary & Heating

DDS-CAD Plumbing is specific for the design and calculation of pipe systems for heating, cooling, sanitary, potable water and drainage systems. Models and drawings can be generated with a few mouse clicks. Integrated calculations and automatic checking functions ensure that you can optimize the designs. The integrated calculations range from heat load, U-value, pressure drop, automatic radiator dimensioning to looped potable water, drainage and cooling systems. Also underfloor heating systems can be calculated according to EN1264. If desired, you can supplement the DDS-CAD Mechanical module with other modules and configurations for the MEP sector. This allows you to put together a multidisciplinary solution. As a user you only invest in the functionalities that you need. DDS-CAD is fully developed and managed by DDS. This means that DDS-CAD is not dependent on third-party solutions such as AutoCAD and Revit. You do not have to make multiple investments, but you save with DDS-CAD by investing in one solution.


Residential Construction

Automatic dimensioning up to 500m2

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Small Utility

Automatic dimensioning up to 1,500m2

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Automatic dimensioning up to 3,000m2

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Large Utility

Unlimited ∞

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“To provide the best possible solution for installation technology, we continuously provide DDS-CAD with even more intelligence. Thanks to smart innovations and automated functions, DDS-CAD will radically simplify your daily drawing, design and documentation tasks.”

Rainer Walser, Product Manager - Data Design System

Standard in DDS-CAD Plumbing

  • Design distribution systems
  • Perform distribution calculations
  • Create designs, reports and parts lists
  • Detect and prevent design errors
  • Save time with many automatic function

Make the power of DDS-CAD work for you

Do you install heating, cooling, plumbing, gas, fire extinguishing and sprinkler and sewerage? Then there is a good chance that you have three separate software for designing in 2D or 3D, drafting installations and calculations. Save time, money and prevent mistakes; DDS-CAD offers all in one.

“We save a lot of time with DDS-CAD. I can just do a 3D drawing between other responsibilities."

Piet Steenstra, Director at Steenstra & Boersma Electrical Engineering

Projects of DDS-CAD users

Project TOREN worked out in detail in BIM

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Energy Revolution with BIM

Today, the integration of regenerative energy sources is an important component of building services. What does this mean for MEP engineering? Schneider Gebäudetechnik from Wangen (DE) is showcasing a...

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Highlights in DDS-CAD 17

In the new version of our software, various functions have been added, and many processes have been fundamentally improved. Click the link below to see what's new in DDS-CAD 17 and get a first look with short videos.

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