DDScad Plumbing Basic+

DDScad software has a modular structure based on disciplines, functionalities and project scope. This means you only pay for what you need. By completing the short questions below, we can quote the price of DDScad that best suits you.

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1. Do you want to use Heat load calculation according to EN 12831?
2. Do you want to use Cooling load calculation?
3. Do you want to use underfloor heating calculation?
4. Do you want to use Pressure loss calculation, automatic dimensioning and hydraulic balancing of potable water systems?
5. Do you want to use calculation of centralized and decentralized hot water systems, as well as a combination with multiple boilers?
6. Do you want to use Calculation of temperature drop in circulation and of stagnant water and waiting time in hot water pipes?
7. Do you want to use waste water system calculation according to EN 12056?

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