DDScad 18

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Improved user interface
Even better overview and more user friendly

Connection to BIMx
High-quality visualization and presentation

New tools and optimizations
More flexibility and planning efficiency

DDScad is now an important pillar of Graphisoft, and version 18 gives you a wide range of innovations and improvements. The revised user interface, the connection to Graphisoft solutions, and various new tools and functions give you significant advantages in daily OPEN BIM planning. On this page we show you a selection of important developments and functional additions.

General highlights in DDScad 18

New look - Better usability

DDScad 18 has an updated user interface, newly designed buttons, icons, and dialogs. This gives you an even better overview and lets you find functions quickly. The transformation of the user interface gives DDScad a fresh and modern appearance with optimal ease of use and simple handling.

BIMx: visualize, present, and navigate on mobile devices

With this release, DDScad 18 includes a connection to BIMx, Graphisoft's award-winning presentation and collaboration app. BIMx significantly expands your ability to view and share 3D models, plans, and project information on a variety of different devices and operating systems, anywhere, anytime.

Even more intuitive modeling with the tracker dialog

The new tracker dialog in DDScad 18 makes modeling objects, such as cables, pipes, and ducts or geometric shapes, even easier and more straightforward. The function shows positioning information or geometric parameters of the respective object in real time on the cursor. This allows you to immediately view and edit the most important properties for the design step you are currently performing.

New Pset configurator

Define IFC property sets with more ease and flexibility to implement OPEN BIM processes individually. Thanks to the new and clearly arranged Pset configurator, you can assign standard object properties as well as properties specified by modeling guidelines and client requirements. 

Further general highlights

  • BIMcloud
    DDScad 18 gives you a connection to BIMcloud, Graphisoft's platform for project communication and
    teamwork. With the export function, you can share your data with project participants directly from the software in BIMcloud.

Highlights in DDScad 18 Electrical

More flexibility through new cable functions

Planning is much easier in DDScad 18 thanks to several new cable functions. Create new cable types yourself in the properties window, then automatically use them for other functions like creating parts lists and reports. Furthermore, there are also new options to set and display the cables’ bending radius.

Configure personalized layouts for schemas

Design schemas according to your needs using the schema layout configurator. For example, specify the position and spacing of objects, their number in a row, and the text information to be displayed. In addition, you can create templates and use them for new projects.   

Quick start your projects with the IFC reference model

DDScad 18 Electrical automatically reads the room information from the IFC file. This allows you to start your OPEN BIM planning without any obstacles. The room data can also be used for other purposes, like creating parts lists. 

Design cable ladders and create brackets

Quickly and precisely analyze the filling degree of your cable management system, such as cable ladders, cable ducts, and conduits for low-current and energy cables. With the new function in DDScad 18, you can determine whether your cable management system is dimensioned according to plan, and whether sufficient capacity is available for later expansion.        

Further highlights Electrical

  • Shortest path to distributor
    When inserting an electrical cable within a cable management system, use the "Find shortest route to distributor" function in the context menu for a connection from the consumer to the distributor. This can also be used to specifically and individually check whether a selected cable takes the shortest path from the electrical consumer to the distributor when changes are made to the system.     To the video >

  • Extended system navigator
    Information of all components of a circuit are available per click in the system navigator. The displayed information can be shown or hidden according to individual needs.

  • Multi-edit function
    You can now select several lines in a column of the system navigator and change them simultaneously using the multi-edit function.

Highlights in DDScad 18 Mechanical & Plumbing

Optimal overview of the system with the enhanced system navigator

The significantly enhanced Sanitary, Heating and Ventilation system navigator in DDScad 18 Mechanical and Plumbing provides you with an optimal overview of your pipe and duct systems and allows you to adjust the system quickly and easily. The entire system is now displayed in a detailed tree structure with all the sub-strings components, including predefined information.

New visualization filters: More control over potable water systems

With the new visualization filters for the stagnant water volume and waiting time of potable water pipes, you'll spot critical situations in your system at first glance. This gives you excellent control over the potable water system you have created. 

New detail functions for better planning efficiency

Powerful enhancements and improvements have been made to DDScad 18 Mechanical and Plumbing to significantly support you in your everyday work. For example, dialogs for defining hydraulic circuits and calculation points as well as the cooling load dialogue have been improved.

Further highlights Mechanical & Plumbing

  • Maximum temperature drop 
    The maximum temperature drop is now predefined for the complete circulation circuit to the standard value of 5 Kelvin and can be edited if needed.

  • Pressure loss due to geodetic height
    The "Supply line above sea level" parameter is now automatically determined to consider the pressure loss due to geodetic height for the consumers. This significantly reduces the probability of errors compared to manual adjustments. If necessary, you can manually override the supply line height. 

  • Water heater in cold-water loop system
    In addition, DDScad 18 allows you to integrate a water heater, such as an instantaneous water heater, into a cold-water loop system and take it into account in the calculation.

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