DDS-CAD Mechanical & Plumbing

DDS-CAD facilitates complete design and calculation of pipe and duct systems. Volume and area calculations are included in the automatic intelligent building model. Integrated calculations cover heat load, pipe dimensioning, potable and drainage systems as well as mechanical ventilation, pressure loss and air flow requirements.


The module for the design and calculation of ventilation systems. The software enables intelligent duct system design and automatic dimensioning. The air flow requirements can be calculated based on the building model. Furthermore, hydraulic balancing is automatically achieved by covers, flaps, or adjustable air terminals.


The module for the design and calculation of pipe systems for heating, cooling, sanitary, potable water and drainage systems. The integrated calculations range from heat load, U-value, pressure drop, automatic radiator dimensioning to looped potable water, drainage and cooling systems. Also underfloor heating systems can be calculated according to EN1264.

In this video the basic functions for modeling a ventilation system are explained. Furthermore, the use of transitions, t-parts, editing a system and the clash prevention function are presented.

In this video the basic functions for modeling a small cold and hot water system are explained. Furthermore, the automatic connection of objects and circulation pipes are presented.

Interfaces and data formats

  • IFC and BCF
  • DXF/DWG and 3D DWG
  • PDF
  • 3ds
  • Excel, Word and Crystal Reports
  • gbXML

On our YouTube channel you will find a variety of videos showing features and functions of DDS-CAD in detail.

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