DDS-CAD Electrical

DDS-CAD Electrical is the ultimate tool for electrical installers and consultants. With the software you design complete electrical systems for buildings. At the same time, the software is able to produce comprehensive and reliable documentation, suchs as detailed parts lists and plots. Specific features for electrical specializations are also included, for example for designing KNX and lightning protection systems.

Many automatic features provide maximum efficiency. The available product databases include intelligent components, symbols, macros and parametric objects. The integrated calculations and control functions allow you to optimize your designs.

With DDS-CAD you have a tool that allows you to seamlessly work in 2D and 3D at the same time. Whether you want to work in or present your electrical model with a symbolic representation in 2D, or fully rendered in 3D, with DDS-CAD it does not matter.

With DDS-CAD it is possible to automatically generate electrical diagrams from the electrical installation that you have designed. The intelligent distribution board features provides a seamless link between working in a diagram or model view, assuring that each of them is always up to date.

KNX features

  • Bi-directional interface to ETS 4.0 and Elvis
  • KNX layouts for automatic and flexible circuit diagrams
  • Automatic KNX device overview

More about KNX features in DDS-CAD

Interfaces and data formats

  • IFC and BCF
  • DXF/DWG and 3D DWG
  • PDF
  • 3ds
  • Excel, Word, Crystal Reports
  • ETS and Elvis
  • DIALux and RELUX
  • Bi-directional interface to GMC-I ProfiTest

3D system planning for external lightning protection, even for PV systems. This module has been developed in cooperation with DEHN and includes their products in the database. Protection zones can be visually determined by applying the rolling sphere method (RSM).

» More about DDS-CAD Lightning Protection

Get more out of your GMC-I ProfiTest M series by connecting it to DDS-CAD! Instantly exchange distributor documentation from your projects and import test results back into DDS-CAD to align your documentation.  Save time by producing complete inspection reports with a single mouse click.

» More information about DDS-CAD ProfiTest

On our YouTube channel you will find a variety of videos showing features and functions of DDS-CAD in detail.

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