DDScad Architect

Specially tailored for Scandinavian style timber frame houses

Architect is one of the two modules that DDScad Architect & Construction consist of. The other module is the Construction module.

DDScad Architect is highly specialized for designing residential buildings mainly made of timber as one will find in northern Europe.

All functions are available in one program. The user can choose among plan drawing, view, cross section, 3D model, or any view, and he may change it. Actual dimensions and angles may be taken from each drawing at any time. The user may define walls or other parts of the building himself, and they may be drawn in different layers with different colours and hatching. To simplify the drawings, walls are generated by free defined reference lines. Windows/doors and other objects can be inserted and changed in the right position simply by "clicking".

The symbols for sections of the building and components like columns, beams, windows, doors, stairs, rooms etc. come together with the system or may be generated by the user. If they are generated as parametric symbols, the system asks for the correct dimensions and positions for the symbol in the 3D model. The symbol will be used for the different detail levels and scaling factors. The user may define the kind of detailing of the different components, for instance windows, beams etc. and output the same drawing in different scale and detailing level. Dimensioning is done automatically - and the user just specifies the part which should be dimensioned. Text and dimensioning of doors and windows follow standards, which may be specified by the user. By specifying a line of intersection, the system automatically generates a section on the given scale, detail level and hatching through the total building.

In addition to straight line drawings, a "shake" drawing may be generated. This "handmade drawing" will give the drawing a touch of artistic character. Coloured and rendered drawings can be done directly as well as various kinds of animations, e.g. walk-through and sun-animations.

The significant data from the architectural plan are automatically transferred to the Construction module.


Interface to and from other CAD systems

Drawing information

  • AutoCAD compatible 2D DXF/DWG

"Intelligent" building information models

  • Intelligent BIM communication using buildingSMART/IFC (IFC is used as format also between Architect and Construction)
  • Various Bill of Material and QTO formats
  • Integrations with RoofCon/TrussCon using proprietary formats

Render and animation

  • Integrated rendering with ray-tracing and hatching (export bitmap formats)
  • Integrated animation movies (AVI) and QuickTimeMovie (MOV)
  • Export to 3Dstudio (3DS)


  • DWF and SVF for vector based drawings.
  • BMP, JPG, GIF for raster based drawings.
  • VRML (VRL) for animation