Design, calculate and document in 2D-CAD and 3D-BIM

DDS-CAD software for MEP

DDS-CAD is the best software to design, calculate and document your complete building services in 2D-CAD and 3D-BIM. For engineers and consultants. For small and large projects. We make BIM-software available for every MEP-engineer!

With DDS-CAD you can

Design complete MEP systems
Perform MEP calculations
Create designs, reports and parts lists
Detect and prevent design errors
Save time with many automatic functions

Standalone and modular

DDS-CAD is developed completely inhouse, a 3rd party platform is not required. DDS-CAD runs fully stand alone. You do not need to pay for modules, functions or features that you do not need thanks to its flexible modular structure.

Single solution for CAD and BIM

No need to use platforms like AutoCAD and Revit at the same time. With DDS-CAD you draft and produce traditional DWG or PDF output, or seamlessly collaborate in an Open BIM workflow exchanging models using IFC with one single software application.

Minimize errors, optimize results

Integrated clash prevention and detection features allow for transparent multidisciplinary coordination. The integrated calculations ensure that optimized building requirements and systems designs are achieved.

DDS-CAD comes with Clash Detection and Prevention


‘TOREN project down to details in BIM’

In Hoorn (NL), the TOREN apartment complex is under construction. All electrical installations are engineered by Beerepoot Installatietechniek BV and worked out in detail in a BIM model. This is the first project that Beerepoot is engineering with DDS-CAD. The project consists of low-rise buildings and a 20-storey tower with two penthouses at the top.

The power of DDS-CAD

Do you engineer or install MEP systems? Then there is a good chance that you are using different tools for designing in 2D or 3D, drafting installations and calculating them. Save time, money and improve the quality of your work; DDS-CAD offers all in one.

Benefits of DDS-CAD

IFC certified
Standalone solution
User-friendly interface
Easy and quick to learn
Integrated calculations
Modular and scalable

“To provide the best possible solution for installation technology, we continuously provide DDS-CAD with even more intelligence. Thanks to smart innovations and automated functions, DDS-CAD will radically simplify your daily drawing, design and documentation tasks.”

Rainer Walser, Product Manager - Data Design System


New features - Full focus on your project

With DDS-CAD 15 you can achieve your goals quickly, reliably and conveniently. The outstanding scope of services for planning electrical and HVAC engineering, the comprehensive BIM functional equipment and the intuitive handling of our software will support you in this. Read more about the highlight features of the new version below.

Compact heat load calculation

Heating load calculations are complex and complicated? Not with DDS-CAD 15! Our revised calculation according to the latest norm maps all required parameters in one single dialog. You always have the entire project in view, have direct access and can check the results instantly if necessary.

Technical Mirroring

Mirroring in DDS-CAD 15 - that's much more than reversed imaging. You can equip identical rooms - for example in multi-family houses - quickly and easily, without worrying about the connection point or norm-compliant representation of symbols. Our new, intelligent mirror function does this for you.

Versatile cooling load calculation

With DDS-CAD 15, you calculate dynamic cooling loads in accordance with the ASHRAE or VDI 2078. If required, you use the new available module to simulate a wide variety of boundary conditions in rooms or in the entire building. This allows for accurate forecasts and opens the door to projects with higher requirements.

Cooling load calculation

Editable properties window

Designing efficiently and conveniently - this is what the new, permanently visible properties dialog in DDS-CAD 15 stands for. Here you can directly view the most important features of selected objects and change them on the go. The result: an optimal overview and much faster work processes.

Even more BIM!

From visualization to interdisciplinary collaboration – DDS-CAD 15 sets new standards in working with BIM. With the high-quality content of BIMobject you take your designs to a new level. You will also benefit from the new possibilities for fast and easy data exchange.

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