DDS-CAD 15: Full focus on your project

Efficient, accurate and intuitive digital engineering – that's DDS-CAD 15! The latest version offers you innovations and further enhancements for the MEP disciplines, the workflow in general as well as within the field of Open BIM. Below you find a range of exciting new functions introduced in DDS-CAD 15.

Save Time with New Core Features

Technical Mirroring

DDS-CAD 15 comes with a brand new intelligent mirroring function. The new mirror function provides significant time-saving in a repetitive workflow. Instead of simply 'mirroring' symbols and objects, DDS-CAD 15 ensures that a standardized representation according norms is applied.

DWG Colors by Layers

DDS-CAD 15 provides the possibility to export to DWG using the color assigned to layers. By using this option, all objects on a specific layer do not have an own color anymore. Instead, the color from the DWG layer itself will be assigned to the object.

More general features

  • New Start Page for easy project navigation
  • New Property Grid dialog for instant access to object properties
  • Improved Product Editor with better control over connection points
  • Performance improvement for plotting in larger projects

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More Flexibility with New Electrical Features

Distribution Board Manager

DDS-CAD 15 comes with a brand new distribution board manager. All boards inside a project are now directly available in a new dockable dialog. Thanks to its intuitive navigation tree, it provides a clear overview of the hierarchy and relation between the different main and sub-boards in your project.

Cabling and Conduits

DDS-CAD 15 introduces brand new options for cabling. Conduits can be instantly applied to cables and get listed on the parts list. All cables and conduits can also be converted to flexible splines, allowing you to create flexible cable and conduit routing.

Cable Calculation

DDS-CAD 15 has some great improvements added to its integrated cable calculation. Default installation methods are now considered automatically for both multi core and single core cables. Based on the type of selected protection device, DDS-CAD 15 automatically sets the right values for the overload and short circuit protection. Moreover, the switch off time is also preset per circuit.

Junction Boxes

In DDS-CAD 15 you now have access to new intelligent junction boxes. The placement for junction boxes has been significantly improved. Whether it is ceiling mounted or inside a wall, DDS-CAD 15 allows you to instantly align, rotate and insert the new junction boxes. The junction boxes now also function as a placeholder to which objects can be connected to automatically.

System Diagrams

A unique feature of DDS-CAD is its ability to generate automatic system diagrams based on model data. Thanks to the popularity of this feature, we have extended the number of available diagram types. With DDS-CAD 15, it is now possible to also generate automatic system diagrams for both security systems and nurse call systems.

More electrical features

  • New flow path technology for cable paths, cables and conduits
  • New properties dialog for cable path, cables and conduits
  • Possibility to instantly assign conduits to cables
  • Improvements on the visualization of the detection areas of cameras and sensors
  • Automatic recognition of parallel cables in models, cable calculation and reports
  • Updated Polysun Inside databases for PV modules and inverters

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Detailed Engineering with New HVAC Features

Cooling Load Calculation

New to DDS-CAD 15 is a bi-directional interface with ESBO, a tool for building design optimization from EQUA, the global leader of simulation software. With this integration, you can experiment with different building designs and equipment in order to predict the consequences on energy use and comfort.

Heat Load Calculation

The fully integrated heat load calculation has been completely overworked in DDS-CAD 15. Besides fully supporting the EN 12831-1 2017 norm, the new heat load calculation also provides many new features. Within a single dialog you now have complete access to all building and calculation information.

Passive Preheating

DDS-CAD 15 is capable of considering passive preheating for ventilation systems calculations. The new norm for heat load calculations only allows you to consider a temperature rise through heat recovery and passive preheating. Any power used for active preheating, for example by a boiler, is part of the design heat load.

Ventilation Zones

New in DDS-CAD 15 is the possibility to assign specific Ventilation Zones within a single building. Each defined ventilation zone is now separately regarded in the Air Flow Requirements calculation. This new feature allows you to design and calculate even more detailed and qualitatively better ventilation systems.

More HVAC features

  • New generic and parametric database for radiators for maximum flexibility
  • Consideration and differentiation of building and ventilation zones in the heat load calculation
  • New navigation possibilities in the Air Flow and Air Terminal dialogs

Better Collaboration with New BIM Features

Integration with BIMobject®

DDS-CAD 15 comes with a direct link to BIMobject®, the world’s largest and fastest growing digital content management system for BIM objects. With this integration you get instant access to the cloud-based platform, which has over 1.000 manufacturers providing digital product information and over 1 million active users.

More BIM features

  • New IFC Import Engine for master files
  • New IFC Export Engine with simplified export dialog
  • Significant performance improvements on handling complex large models
  • New option to directly visualize spaces in IFC
  • Improved handling of storeys for IFC export
  • Exporting of URLs, product data sheets and external document references
  • New classification manager for exporting classifications to IFC (e.g. ETIM, Omniclass, etc.)
  • Exporting electrical information to IFC, such as ports, protection device types, characteristics, etc.
  • Exporting insulation for M&P flow segments such as pipes and ducts

Changelogs Previous DDS-CAD Versions

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Intel®Core™ i7
  • 16 GB RAM
  • OpenGL compatible GPU

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