DDS-CAD software maintenance

Keep up to date and receive valuable benefits with DDS-CAD software maintenance! Customers with a support & maintenance contract enjoy a number of special advantages:

Regular updates

As soon as a DDS-CAD update is released, it will be made directly available as a download on your computer. Updates include product enhancements, fine-tunings and extended features.

Training discounts

With your support & maintenance contract you will receive your training sessions at a significantly reduced price.

Documentation updates

Whenever there are updates or enhancements to manuals or other online documentation, you will receive the latest version.

Add-on discounts

You will benefit from attractive special conditions when extending your DDS-CAD license with extra features. A significant discount is included on extra add-on modules.

Free online updates

Revisions and expansions within the current release version shall be provided automatically per online update.

Database maintenance

In DDS-CAD you will find extensive databases. These are subject to constant changes. As a customer with a support & maintenance contract, you will always receive the latest product databases.

DDS-CAD support

You will receive fast and qualified support. Our experienced experts are ready to help you on the phone, by e-mail and remote support with all your questions concerning DDS-CAD.

Dongle insurance

Should your dongles get lost or stolen, you can get replacement dongles. You do not have to buy a completely new license.

The complete suite

The DDS-CAD product family offers solutions for intelligent planning of all building services application types.

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