Documentation with DDS-CAD

DDS-CAD is a consistent solution that will attend planning specialists from the first steps to documentation and handover to the calculation application. In all application types, a print and plot compilation to scale can be achieved.

Documenting HVAC and Plumbing plans

  • Print all dimensioning: U-value, heating load, pipe network, pressure loss, potable water, wastewater, etc.
  • Overview diagrams of designed installations
  • Floor plans
  • Execution and mounting drawings

Documenting Electrical plans

  • Complete installation plans
  • Circuit diagram for single or multi line
  • Switchboard layout in 2D and 3D
  • Drawing, sheet, revision and circuit lists
  • Overview circuit diagrams and inspection reports
  • Mounting plans

Documenting the PV planning

  • Simulating the sun's path
  • Yield estimation
  • System diagrams
  • Line diagrams
  • Roof area usage plan
  • Mounting plans

From floor plan to inspection

Thanks to the bi-directional data exchange betweem DDS-CAD and the Profitest M Series, project data may be used consistently for repeat inspections without re-typing. This comprehensive interface package is the most profiled software offer in the field of measurement and documentation.
DDS-CAD is the only software that produces inspection reports based on imported measurements. It puts an end to the lengthy and error-prone manual data transfer.