Specifically for planning PV projects DDScad PV has been developed. The software enables the planning of PV systems for a number of applications. Whether roof, façade, or ground mounted, the system can be planned and visualized in 2D and 3D.

As a tool for consistent project design and complete system documentation, DDScad PV will deliver detailed assembly plans, complete bills of material, string plans, system diagrams and reports. Of course the system will also provide an integrated yield simulation, which is calculated with the renowned "Polysun Inside" plug-in. Even automatic inverter maping is provided by the software.

Due to the modular nature of the software, DDScad PV can be extended with the Electrical module, providing advanced electrical planning features within the same project.

Interfaces and data formats

  • IFC and BCF
  • DXF/DWG and 3D DWG
  • PDF
  • 3ds
  • Excel, Word and Crystal Reports
  • Bi-directional data exchange with GMC-I test and measuring instruments