DDS-CAD ProfiTest

The first direct connection of a CAD software that allows users and electricians to integrate measured data into their planning.

DDS-CAD ProfiTest will give you extra time, convenience and security when measuring and reviewing data with PROFITEST-M-Series instruments by GMC-I GOSSEN METRAWATT! You can leverage the data from your intelligent DDS-CAD electrical planning, and benefit from the performance of your PROFITEST device. The bi-directional interface from DDS-CAD to PROFITEST does the trick.

All of the distribution and circuitry structures created in your DDS-CAD planning will be quickly and accurately submitted to the instrument. The data required for the assessment is also transferred to your PROFITEST. There is no need to rework the data later with the instrument.

When measurement is complete, you will save the results in a user-defined tree structure. These trees can be easily and quickly expanded on site using the instrument's buttons or - this is a new feature - using barcodes.

The measured or updated data and structures will then be transferred from your PROFITEST back onto DDS-CAD. The planning software will integrate these data into your plans. It will also place distributors, RCDs and circuits in a test record according to ZVEH including all related measurements - quickly, easily and safely. Lengthy and error-prone manual data transfer is a thing of the past. Many workshops want a comfortable IT solution to replace hand-written test records – now this solution is available.

DDS-CAD is the only software that will allow to issue test records based on imported measurements. Thanks to the bi-directional data exchange among DDS-CAD and the GMC-I Profitest M, project data may be used consistently to the repeat inspection without re-typing.

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