DDS-CAD Lightning Protection

External lightning protection systems are probably installed only once during a building's lifecycle. However, if they are installed they have to work perfectly. To ensure this, a thorough and accurate planning is essential.

Equipped with the know-how of the lightning protection experts DEHN + SÖHNE and OBO Betterman, the module DDS-CAD Lightning Protection helps designing lightning protection systems according to relevant standards: The lightning rods are automtically aligned to a grid and positioned with all required clips, connections and terminals.

The placement of lightning rods can be optically checked by using the rolling sphere method. A graphically simulated rolling sphere is used to identify potential points of contact of the sphere and building model, allowing you to  optimize the lightning protection system.

The complete lightning protection system and its components will be automatically captured in a parts list, which can be exported to financial application for calculating offers or tenders. Moreover, DDS-CAD Lightning Protection provides extensive features for producing detailed plots, ensuring correct assembly on site.

Versatile visualization options facilitate more transparent communication to your customers: by using clear images, the complex topic of lightning protection can be easily explained to laymen.

Interfaces and data formats

  • IFC and BCF
  • DXF/DWG and 3D DWG
  • PDF
  • 3ds
  • Excel, Word and Crystal Reports
  • DEHN +  SÖHNE product database
  • OBO Betterman product database

An overview of the main features offered by DDS-CAD Lightning Protection can be found in the functional overview:

» More information in the functional overview DDS-CAD Lightning Protection (PDF)

On our YouTube channel you will find a variety of videos showing features and functions of DDS-CAD in detail.

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