KNX design with DDScad and ETS

The bi-directional interface between DDScad and ETS via the app "ProjectDataExchange", developed by IT GmbH, offers installers and engineers a complete solution for an integrated workflow for planning KNX systems.

Automatic import and export functions simplify the project planning process and minimize the risk of manual input errors. The continuous transfer of information ensures reliable results and an easy way to generate the required output documentation.

ProjectDataExchange: ETS app by IT GmbH

The app imports preconfigured KNX device combinations into ETS and supports the information exchange between planner and system integrator in both directions. The app uses the open XML format to enable project data exchange between DDScad and ETS.

More information about the app can be found on the website of IT GmbH.

"ProjectDataExchange" between DDScad and ETS

1. Installation design in DDS-CAD with KNX components

DDS-CAD offers a wide range of planning tools for KNX systems:

  • Extensive product databases with intelligent KNX components
  • layout templates for automatic circuit diagrams; individually customizable
  • Flexible wiring of KNX components
  • Automatic KNX device overview

KNX design with DDS-CAD: Bi-directional interface to ETS (5:25 min.)

(Note: Video is in German)

2. Transfer via "ProjectDataExchange"

Import of complete KNX projects to ETS via the IT GmbH app:

  • Assign KNX components to manufacturer product templates via drag & drop (object mapping)
  • Addressing: assign physical addresses to components
  • Parametrisation: programming the KNX system
  • Commissioning of KNX devices 

Thanks to the available building topologies from DDS-CAD, the assignment of components in ETS is easily done.



3. Export to DDS-CAD

ETS data is transferred back to DDS-CAD and automatically mapped to the project:

  • The DDS-CAD interface manager will open the list of devices from ETS directly
  • Changes, e.g. additions or omitted components in ETS, are automatically compared and displayed
  • All KNX components are directly visible including its physical addresses

As a result, users benefit from optimal coordination and control in the project process.