DDS-CAD Building

DDS-CAD Building, the foundation for DDS-CAD's successful MEP modules. This core module holds the DDS-CAD "brain", the CAD/BIM core. Using this core, DDS-CAD is not only capable to draw and model, but also to recognize and automatically calculate the specs of an intelligent 3D building model. Furthermore, DDS-CAD Building provides all the necessary functions to make project data for adjacent areas in property administration and energy simulation available.

In DDS-CAD Building, you will find the basic CAD features for application areas and project administration across application types. As part of the standard features you will find the DXF/DWG interface with its editor, the interactive collision control, construction and design features in 2D and 3D as well as optional bills of material. A realistic 3D building model is the basis for every successful project. This model creates the environment for virtual objects (and symbols) which combine graphical and technical parameters.

The standalone DDS-CAD Building module is well suited for facility managers, administrators and energy consultants who do not want to execute a detailed application type planning. In these areas, the following extension options are recommended:

  • Escape, Fire and Rescue Plan
  • Advanced Rendering

Interfaces and data formats

  • IFC and BCF
  • DWG/DXF and 3D DWG
  • PDF
  • 3ds
  • Excel and Word
  • gbXML

On our YouTube channel you will find a variety of videos showing features and functions of DDS-CAD in detail.

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