OPEN BIM Protocol

Succesful collaboration within an OPEN BIM model depends on the quality of information exchange.

It is worrying to discover, somewhere during the project, that the various project partners appear to have different interpretations of the IFC model specifications.


Some common pitfalls:
  • Are you working with the same model origin as your partners?
  • Do you have the same interpretation for a storey/floor/ceiling as your partners?
  • Do you classify objects correctly, so they are useful to your partners?
  • Do you receive and/or export all model information from the model, or only relevant data?
  • Can all of your partners answer the above questions with a yes?


Prevent these pitfalls

By using our OPEN BIM protocol, you get answers to questions as the ones listed above, right from the beginning of your project. The OPEN BIM Protocol describes the specifications of an IFC model. It also contains convenient checklists, allowing you to easily create an OPEN BIM protocol for your project.

Do you want to start your OPEN BIM project succesfully? Download our OPEN BIM Protocol!

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Open BIM Overview

Open BIM supports a transparent, open workflow, allowing project members to participate regardless of the software tools they use.

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Open BIM Program is a marketing campaign initiated by members of buildingSMARTĀ® to urge and facilitate globally coordinated promotion of the Open BIM concept.

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