DDS-CAD Viewer

Thanks to its advanced interpretation of IFC data, the DDS-CAD Viewer is indispensable for the BIM scene. It is a free tool used for viewing, analyzing, merging, and discussing BIM models worldwide. In addition to IFC, the DDS-CAD Viewer supports data formats common to the AEC industry such as DWG, gbXML and 3ds.

Some key features

  • View, check, edit or create IFC, BCF, gbXML and DWG files
  • Intuitive 3D navigation options
  • Multidisciplinary clash detection
  • Visualization filters for analyzing model information
  • Integrated BCF manager
  • Advanced interpretation of IFC data
Download the DDS-CAD Viewer here!


The DDS-CAD Viewer allows you to open and analyze different file formats such as DWG files and the OPEN BIM file format IFC. Various navigation options are available.

Visualization filters

The new visualizations filters in the DDS-CAD Viewer provide the possibility to analyze model information in more detail. Currently, visualization filters are available for proxy objects, U-values and imported files.

Clash detection

The latest DDS-CAD Viewer provides an interdisciplinary clash detection, allowing you to automatically analyze models on design issues. The integrated BCF manager enables you to seamlessly communicate these issues.