DDS-CAD 16: stepping up

DDS-CAD 16 takes digital design for MEP to a whole new level. We have improved the software even further with this new version, so you can plan more efficiently, complete calculations faster, manage projects more easily, and use Open BIM more flexibly. Explore the range of new and optimised functions in DDS-CAD 16 on this page!

General features

Optimized Start Page and Project Navigator

The enhanced start page and the new Project Navigator in DDS-CAD 16 ensure maximum flexibility when you create and manage projects, as well as while working on the model.

New print model

With DDS-CAD 16 you can document your project faster and better. The entire print layout configuration is now available in one dialog. The ‘Print Multiple Layouts’ function is also incredibly useful and will boost your productivity in larger projects.

Property grid: new features

The property grid in DDS-CAD 16 now shows you even more object information that you can edit directly. This makes modeling easier, and speeds up the design process.

More general features

  • Modernized tree control UI
  • New functionality for height changes of objects
  • Completely revised DWG 2D export
  • Room book reports (classical room book / matrix with room equipment)
  • Update Crystal reports
  • Select / Unselect all subreports in ReportViewer
  • Several openGL optimizations (e.g. DWG export: correct display of different heights)

Electrical features

Distribution board manager: new functions

The enhanced distribution manager in DDS-CAD 16 speeds up your planning – e.g. with handy drag and drop functions. Additionally the dialog is directly linked to the circuit list, and the properties window. That way you always have everything in view.

Extended technical mirroring

With DDS-CAD 16 you can mirror the complete electrical installation, from junction boxes to cable management systems. The objects always maintain standard compliant representation, so you save a lot of time in projects with mirror-invertedly designed rooms.

New options for cable management systems and conduits

DDS-CAD 16 offers you the option of connecting cable management systems directly to distribution cabinets, as well as adding individual conduits to a cable path. That means you can design electrical installations even easier, more flexibly, and more precisely than before.

More Electrical features

  • New elements in property grid (e.g. layer, texture, cable 2D offset and actual load)
  • New listings in cable property grid (voltage drop and contour position)
  • Comprehensive extension of 'Flow Path' functions: change all settings in one dialog
  • Tooltip for distribution board information
  • Cable calculation result displayed in default browser
  • Additional product database ”ZVEH-IS”

HVAC features

New storey ports

With DDS-CAD 16 you can now design HVAC systems continuously and smoothly from one storey to the next. If you copy a pipe system to another level, DDS-CAD automatically connects the storey ports.

One dialog for cooling load calculation

The cooling load calculation in DDS-CAD 16 shows the entire project in one single dialog, giving you perfect overview, direct access, and rapid result checking.

More HVAC features

  • New syntax for the adjustment value of valves
  • New subreport “List of all objects in the project” for wastewater
  • Optimized IFC-Export for fittings
  • Creation of ventilation concepts according to revised DIN 1946-6 (German standard)
  • Various new options for sound calculation in ventilation systems (e.g. manual insertion of sound level coming from unconnected air handling unit)

BIM / Open BIM

New external reference file formats

DDS-CAD 16 offers you the possibility of creating objects from a wide range of file formats to build up your own product database. Objects can also be imported very easily from the BIMobject platform, or from a file.

More BIM features

  • IFC product library for open BIM compatible product creation and storage
  • IFC File Browser for easy IFC file navigation
  • Multiple IFC export optimizations (e.g. export of conduit on cable and cable path)
  • Place objects with reference to objects from IFC model

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