DDS-CAD 13: Ready, set, go!

Project design is not a race. However, the handling time is always a critical factor. Not only the quality has to be right, but also deadlines must be met. We took both aspects into consideration when developing DDS-CAD 13. As a result, in this version you will find a number of exciting new features that will quicken your pace. In addition, DDS-CAD 13 enables you to work more easily and intuitively, which again increases the quality of your project.

Some of the most important innovations in DDS-CAD 13


  • The improved handling of object groups lets you edit these groups more easily and flexibly.
  • The enhanced position marker feature offers several new options for a quick and flexible marking of your model’s objects.
  • The brand new building zone feature allows you to define, manage and make use of building zones, which improves the structure of your building model.

Open BIM

  • The new IFC import manager considerably eases and accelerates the IFC import process.
  • A clear difference between master and coordination IFC files provides the basis for several new options in handling IFC models.


  • A more flexible waste water calculation: DDS-CAD 13 supports different filling levels (h/di) of each drain.
  • Thanks to the new building zone concept, the assignment of a zone (e. g. ventilation zone) to a specific room is done quickly.
  • The design options for ventilation systems have been enhanced:  You can now consider different ventilation systems within a single project.
  • For each of the systems, a heat recovery factor can be applied in order to get more precise calculation results.
  • A transparent overview shows all specific air flows as well as the selected ventilation type. Furthermore, you can directly adjust the values, if needed.
  • For each separate air terminal, a specific air flow can be defined. This way you can also meet the special requirements in particular projects, such as laboratories.


  • There are several improvements regarding generating, copying, and editing electrical diagrams. The new workflows will remarkably ease and speed up your work.
  • New options for the design of your circuit diagrams improve the clarity and the information of your layouts.
  • The DDS-CAD circuit list has been enhanced in several respects, making it more flexible, informative, and clearly arranged.
  • The 2D representation of wall areas densely populated with components becomes clearer with the new 2D-offset function for electrical symbols.
  • The introduction of free cabling gives you a completely new and very flexible way of working with regards to cable planning.
  • The new feature for transferring circuit properties to objects leads to a considerable time saving.

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New Building Zone Concept

DDS-CAD 13 introduces a new building zone feature. In this video we will show you how easily you can assign multiple zones within a single project, each representing a different building unit.

New IFC Import Manager

DDS-CAD 13 gives you a new IFC import manager. It differentiates between master and coordination IFC files, and considerably eases import and management of IFC data.

Improved Position Marker Function

DDS-CAD 13 offers an enhanced position marker feature allowing you to number and renumber objects that are assigned to groups, such as smoke detectors, sprinkler heads, etc.

Ventilation Zones, Split Air Flow and Heat Recovery

Several new and enhanced features in DDS-CAD 13 improve and facilitate the design and calculation of ventilation systems. We will show you how in this video.

H/di Filling Levels for Waste Water Calculation

DDS-CAD 13 offers support for different filling levels (h/di) in the waste water calculation. This provides you with additional options whenever flexibility is needed, e.g. in cases where waste water lifting units are required.

Free Cabling and Copy Circuit Properties

DDS-CAD 13 introduces free cabling and the option to directly assign circuit properties to electrical components.

New Dynamic 2D Offset

DDS-CAD 13 introduces a new 2D offset feature for electrical symbols integrating the BIM workflow with traditional 2D drafting. The video shows you how.

Electrical Diagram Improvements

DDS-CAD 13 provides multiple enhancements regarding the handling and layout of electrical diagrams.

Circuit List Improvements

A number of improvements to the circuit list dialog in DDS-CAD 13 will make this dialog your central hub for managing your distribution boards.

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (32 or 64 bit)
  • Intel or AMD dual core 2,0 GHz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • OpenGL compatible GPU
  • 5 GB of free space

Details for minimal and recommended system requirements, click here.