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Fully integrated in DDS-CAD
Issue management in the cloud

BIMcollab®, developed by KUBUS, is a platform based on BCF for issue management in the cloud. To prevent older BCF versions from circulating, this platform ensures that the data is centralized. BIMcollab's issue offers a structured way to store, share and manage issues. You have all the information at hand to look up, create and resolve 'issues'.

 Fully integrated in DDS-CAD
 Issue management in the cloud
 Centralize and manage all issues
✔ Create, filter and look up issues
✔ Automatically synchronize issues

What is BCF?

BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) is a file format for communicating 'issues' of a BIM model and can function completely independently of the 3D model. In recent years, it has become apparant that communicating about 'clashes' in a model is a profession in its own right. A specific object was communicated and shared with partners via IFC and a specific 'clash' had to be described by telephone or with screen shots. BCF consists of 3 parts: a screenshot, a camera angle and a list of objects from the BIM model that the issue is about. BCF has been developed to simplify cooperation between different parties working on a model by enabling them to raise issues, provide answers and post comments in an open file format that does not contain any model elements.


Experience the power of DDS-CAD and BIMcollab®

Working without BCF Manager

Time costs money

 Exchange of large BIM files

 Communication via inefficient PDFs or spreadsheets

✘ Manually locate design problems

✘ Manually search for an 'issue' in a PDF

Working with BCF Manager

Saving costs and time

✔ BCF improves the workflow and eliminates the need to transfer large BIM files

 Share model markers, clash reports and general comments with all project members

 Easily keep track of how many outstanding 'issues' there are, who is responsible and see when they have been resolved

✔ View how many problems have been genarated and how long it will take to resolve them

✔ Identify which objects are involved in an 'issue'

“With BIMcollab we can manage a large number of issues and clashes, especially for teams working on different locations.”

Aitor Chavarri, BIM manager at AECOM

Aitor Chavarri

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