DDS-CAD 14: More BIM and more bits

DDS-CAD 14 is here! You will find new and improved features in the fields of Open BIM, general handling, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installations. Furthermore, DDS-CAD 14 is released as a 64-bit application. Discover all about DDS-CAD 14 on this page!

Key features: General, Open BIM, Electrical & HVAC


  • 64-bit version, allowing to work with larger data sets in memory
  • Visual indicator for global and local axes orientation
  • Dynamic help geometry for easier modeling
  • Multi-user room database access management
  • User directory version control for multi-user environments

Open BIM

  • New IFC engine for handling coordination IFC files
  • Enhanced IFC docked trees for IFC File Browser, IFC Groups and IFC Objects
  • New filter configurator for importing coordination IFC files
  • New BCF manager supporting file and cloud based workflows

New IFC Engine

DDS-CAD 14 introduces a complete new IFC engine. Both the reading of an IFC file and the generation of its geometry is completely rewritten and enhanced.

New BCF Manager

To further improve your BIM workflows, DDS-CAD 14 introduces a completely new BCF manager. Issues can be generated on the go and different information can be assigned to them, such as status, stage and priority.


  • New feature for automatically arranging objects as a combination
  • Improved cable connection for objects with 2D offset
  • New polyline technology for cable management systems (trays, ladders and trunking)
  • Cable fill calculation and indicator for trays, ladders and trunking
  • Enhanced cable dimension calculation
  • Assigning and locking cable cross-sections in model and cable calculation
  • Defining a manual fixed cable lenght for cable calculation
  • New report templates for cable routing and detailed circuit list overview
  • New detection area for wall-mounted detectors
  • Enhanced creation of switch board and cabinet layouts

Cable Dimension Calculation IEC 60364

DDS-CAD 14 introduces a fully enhanced cable dimension calculation based on the IEC 60364. The circuit list dialog now includes a new column for the cable calculation details.

Detection Areas Wall Mounted Detectors

DDS-CAD 14 offers a new detection area for optimizing the placement and coverage of wall mounted detection and security systems. Detection areas can be flexibly adjusted to clearly visualize blind spots.

Automatic Combinations of Electrical Objects

DDS-CAD 14 introduces a new feature that allows you to instantly arrange electrical objects as a combination. When arranging multiple objects, DDS-CAD considers the dimensions of the 2D symbol as well as for the 3D object.

Polyline Technology for Cable Management Systems

DDS-CAD 14 offers a brand new modeling concept for cable management systems based on polyline technology. Instantly you can design in both horizontal and vertical directions. Thanks to the intelligent surface snapping, you can design a wall mounted cable ladder in just a few mouse clicks.

Creating Cabinet Layouts

Generating cabinet layouts has become even easier in DDS-CAD 14. All circuit groups from the distribution board can now be instantly inserted into a cabinet layout.


  • New support of hydraulic balancing in potable water system calculations
  • Pipe dimension locking and support of K-values higher than 1,0 for calculating waste water systems
  • Calculation of stagnant water in ring lines
  • New support of hydraulic balancing in heating and cooling systems, including new hydraulic switches
  • New valve types for flow control
  • Optimized nominal and balanced pressure loss calculation for ventilation systems
  • Automatic calculation of adjustment levels for air terminals and dampers
  • Possibility to assign natural ventilation to zones
  • Visual indicator for ventilation zones in both model and calculation dialog

Hydraulic Balancing for Heating and Cooling Systems

DDS-CAD 14 introduces significant improvements for considering hydraulic balancing in cooling and heating systems. It now supports the use of hydraulic switches for mixing circuits or parallel circuits with pumps.

Support of Balancing Valves in Circulation Circuits of Potable Water Systems

DDS-CAD 14 provides new features for calculating valves that balance circulation circuits in potable water systems. Besides presenting how much pressure a valve has to provide, DDS-CAD 14 now calculates the exact settings for each of the balancing valves in a system.

Calculation of Stagnant Water in Ring Lines

To further optimize legionella prevention, DDS-CAD 14 introduces additional options for calculating stagnant water in ring lines. DDS-CAD 14 automatically detects if it concerns objects connected to a ring line and calculates the amount of stagnant water

Improvements in Waste Water Calculation

DDS-CAD 14 adds further flexibility to its waste water calculation. It is now possible to lock all pipe dimensions if you would like to recalculate an existing waste water system.

Improved Pressure Loss Calculation for Ventilation

The pressure loss calculation for ventilation systems is further optimized in DDS-CAD 14. The calculation dialog now provides more in-depth information, such as the maximum velocity per segment and the worst path.

Improvements in Air Flow Requirements Calculation

DDS-CAD 14 introduces several improvements for the air flow requirements calculation. Instead of selecting a specific ventilation system, you can now also define that a zone is naturally ventilated.

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  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Intel® Core™ i5
  • 16 GB RAM
  • OpenGL compatible GPU
  • 20 GB of free space

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